Weekend Immersion: Hands On Assists and Adjustments with Jessa Munion! (October 2017)

Hands on Adjustments, Reading Body Alignment and Energy, Give Students a Safe, Supportive, and Deeper Connection to their Yoga Practice. Please Join Us!


In this Assistant Training Program you will learn how to ready body patterns and positions from afar, enter smoothly and deliver meaningful assists that address skeletal, soft tissue, and motor patterns. We will go through the key elements of each of the core poses in the Tadasana sequence and put it all together with useful tips, tools, and protocols to empower you to confidently assist any body, any time.


You will discover a new relationship with your own physicality through an experiential exploration of human anatomy, the key principles of muscular movement and the foundational stability of bones and joints, while discovering the pillars and principles of Tadasana assisting. Learn how to read body posture, energy, and muscular holding patterns, empowering you to deliver the one assist that will correct posture, improve movement, and restore accurate mobility to any body.  In this weekend immersion we will practice asanas, learn assists, deliver assists during class, and engage in self and group inquiry work to open up advanced levels of communication and ability to listen and read body language.


Tadasana Yoga Studio
3156 Quarry Road
Park City, UT 84098

Oct 13-15, 2017
Friday – 4:30-9pm
Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

$279 (You may register online here – Scroll down the page to Hands On Assists and Adjustments with Jessa)


Please email Tina, tina@hotyogaparkcity.com, with any questions you might have!