Tina Adkinson

Tina serves as the studio manager for Tadasana. Tina was drawn to yoga in 2012 through the Hip Hop Yoga class offered at Tadasana.  The intense physical nature of power vinyasa and the rejuvenating effect motivated Tina to grow her personal practice.  Tina completed her Baptiste Level One Training in February 2015, and works full time as the Program Coordinator for the Baptiste Institute. Tina has a deep belief that “how you show up on your mat is how you show up in all areas of your life.” She teaches us to be intentional in our poses, to create foundation and ease in our practice, and to see how that shows up in our lives.  In addition to yoga, Tina is an avid golfer, mountain biker, and skier.  You can often find her outdoors with her two sons enjoying the beauty of Park City.